Personal Virtual Assistant
Finding it difficult to streamline your day to day activities like schedule management and organizing?
Leave it on our smart VPAs and make most of your valuable time…
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Administrative Virtual Assistant
Looking to enhance your team’s productivity without added expenses?
Let your team focus on important tasks and delegate the manual work to us.
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lorem ipsum dolor sit Amazon Virtual Assistant
Your Amazon store management needs more from you?
Our Amazon growth experts got the skills you need for better eCommerce store management and growth.
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Project Management Virtual Assistant
Looking for project managers to take command of your outsourcing team?
Allow our technically proficient project managers to get your outsourcing team performing efficiently
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Online Virtual Assistant Services

Robust project management, transparency and seamless communication make foundation of our virtual assistant services that help us create long-term partnership with our clients.

  • Communication Skills

    Exceptional interpersonal communication skills is what we excel in

  • Pre-Trained VAs

    You get skilled and trained VAs without adding a burden on your budget

  • Timely Delivery

    See multifold increase in customer satisfaction with our guaranteed in time support and services

  • Innovative Approach

    No run-of-the-mill approach- Innovative, rigorously researched and consultative approach

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

  • To reduce operational cost
  • To reduce training cost
  • Increase efficiency by outsourcing non-core tasks
    • Frees up time for strategic thinking
    • Handling customer queries
    • Internet research
    • Scheduling meetings
    • Data entry
  • Scale up your business operations
  • Flexibility & easy accesibility
  • Frees up time for strategic thinking

Virtual Personal Assistant

Somebody has to schedule the meetings, arrange meeting logistics, record and manage all the expenses, booking the meeting rooms and make travel arrangements. Companies are short of resources to hire an extra employee for each thing. You need an all-rounder virtual personal assistant, who can do all that multifarious but routine tasks... Read more

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Successful businesses mean handling a lot of administrative tasks on daily basis. eLuminous administrative virtual assistant experts offer high quality and exceptional administrative support... Read more

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Growing your Amazon business is never an easy task, especially considering the furious competition, and taking it to next level requires sound strategy and planning.... Read more

Project Management Virtual Assistant

When you develop websites there is little time left to focus on client communication and follow up. Our Virtual Assistant in India fill this communication gap for you... Read more


Virtual Assistant Services Agency

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The building has a remarkable glass frontage, and a nice amphitheater at the backside and will be soon surrounded by a landscaped courtyard, green gym, and a natural fitness track. With over 100+ staff, eLuminous Technologies’ office is based on over 20,000 square feet of space in the city’s top business location. eLuminous Technologies is a Digital Marketing company situated in downtown Nasik, Maharashtra, India. We’re a company tackling global business issues. We started small back in 2002 and we haven’t forgotten where we came from.

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