10 things to outsource to a virtual assistant

In today’s business, entrepreneurs are supposed to do multiple work especially in case of start-ups. To remain ahead in the competition they should handle marketing, sales, branding, tax and other internal processes. Oops, the list is endless! If you also have such things to take care of, then probably you should think about outsourcing some task to complete everything on time.

Hiring virtual assistance services can surely save your time, but which task you should assign to these guys can be a tricky thing to decide. These professionals usually do the work from their home and most of the times companies assign them administrative work like schedules, accounting work, data entry job and other tasks which are little bit time consuming.

Below is the top 10 tasks for which hiring a VA can be a smart decision for you:

  1. Online Research: This is the most tedious yet important task which you can assign to any VA. You can give them a timeframe in which they are supposed to do research on any topic, competitor or product. In case of any meeting, you can also assign power point work to VA for a smashing impression on client without putting much effort in that.
  • Schedule Management: Administrative support is a must for every entrepreneur. Allow VA to pick up calls and take care of your meetings’ date and time. If you have some urgent meetings or if you are supposed to meet with some clients then it’s better if you get a reminder of same from anyone. This will allow you to complete your task efficiently.
  • Social Tasks: In case of any meeting, VA can handle all the preparation work along with the visiting card, brochure and flyers. Such type of work is much common among VAs as it is time consuming and many entrepreneurs want someone else to do it for them.
  • HR work: Your VA can even train your employees on any newly launched software or service which otherwise will eat up most of your valuable time. In this internet era, trainings are possible through Skype, or other video calling software remotely. These VAs can also manage pay rolls, and other HR tasks for taking all such activities from your plate and giving you ample time to focus on core business.
  • Data Management: There are plethora of work in companies related to reports which are supposed to be done on regular basis such as employees’ timesheet, company’s expenses or client list. You should outsource this work without thinking much on this. These champs can manage import, export and sorting of data and can take care of spreadsheet design.
  • Marketing task: Well most of the entrepreneurs keep any eye on business expansion for more revenue generation. VA can handle the task of searching for new clients and can do the marketing part on behalf of you. They can even talk with the potential clients can communicate with them about your company’s profile and can convince them through emails and phone.
  • Knowledge: Sometimes it may be difficult for you to remain updated about the latest news and business things happening around the world. You can outsource this task. VA can find out all the knowledge and news through different websites and you just have to check it once before posting. This will keep you updated without spending much time on the research work. Outsourcing virtual assistant services for this work is a smart choice.
  • Multilingual Support: Knowing more than one language is a bonus point for companies. Hiring a multilingual VA can make it easy for you to communicate with the clients, employees and vendors to achieve a global reach in your business. Such skilled VA can be assigned transcription work, technical support task and administrative support work.
  • Customer Service: It is possible for a VA to know customer queries and reply them in positive manner in a stipulated amount of time. A business query can be related to the feedback of customers on certain services or the requirement related question of potential clients. VA can answer everyone which will increase your brand reputation and can increase the chances of getting new business through their prompt reply.
  1. Social Media Management: Social media marketing is crucial in present time. Your VA can post some relevant content on your company’s social media account to increase the visibility of your brand, services and products. He or she can help you with social media strategy and can integrate it with rest of your marketing plans.

It doesn’t matter for which thing you need a VA, but the most important thing is the trust and allow them to understand your business. Initially it will take some time, but you will surely get good results in future.