Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant services – Explained in Short.

Are you still confused regarding outsourcing Virtual Assistant (VA) or not. The article is all about VAs- what they do, why you should hire them, how they can benefit your company, how they can cut down cost, and much more. So keep reading!

So what VAs do?

You may not wonder if you see a professional handling company’s work remotely. That’s the same VAs do. These guys work at much cheaper rates compared to in-house employees and are paid on an hourly basis. Thus no need to pay them if they haven’t worked. Sounds amazing? Well! This is the reason why companies are now opting for such services for improving efficiency and saving an ample number of bucks in their pocket. To name a few, below is the list of work which the VA can do

1. Administrative work

2. Content Writing

3. Social Media management

4. Audio and Video editor

5. SEO and Digital Marketing

6. Web Developer

The above list has no end, and these professionals can do everything and anything for your organization.

VA for Administrative work: Hire Virtual Administrative Assistant for Diary management, attending phone calls, data entry work, to-do list, and calendar work or travel arrangements. These are the tasks that come under administrative work. VA can do all these things for you.

Content Writing: If you think that your developer or designer can write the content for you, then you are on the wrong track. Writing content is an art, and it requires excellent planning and execution of your content campaign. In short, you can’t assign this work to any of your designers. A proficient content writer can understand the target audience and can write a press release, newsletter, blogs, and articles for your brand.

Social Media Management: Social media has become a crucial part of marketing. Giving this task to a proficient VA can help your brand get noticed among the target audience. Social Media Marketing is not only about posting on twitter and other platforms. So, don’t try to do this by yourself and end up with the wastage of time.

Audio and Video Editing: Although YouTube and Microsoft have made it easy to edit videos and audios, these tricks apply for normal quality videos. If you want to boost up the video quality for the podcast, then you need better software. VAs know how to work on these software and to make an ordinary video an extraordinary one.

Web development: Although it is easy to design and develop websites through CMS, you still need a professional touch to give an attention-grabbing look to your site. Hiring developers may or may not be in your budget, so outsource VA for this work as they are cheaper, skilled, and have handled such work earlier.

Why you need a virtual assistant

Utilize your resource in a better way

You may want your employee to work on a core job for improving productivity. For example what kind of work do you expect from your senior-level employee

1. Preparation of growth strategies by participating actively in core business

2. Preparing routine daily reports

Obviously, you will choose the first task for him. And this is because the first task is more important from your business point of view. Thus assigning such mundane tasks to virtual assistants can make your life easy! This will allow your senior and talented staff to take care of your pressing matters.

Saves Money

You may save some bucks by assigning your routine jobs to virtual assistants who are paid on an hourly basis. Thus, there is no need to hire an in-house employee for the same whom you are supposed to pay monthly along with other company benefits. Also, the hiring process is followed by training the employees on work requirements, which also requires a lot of funds.

Hiring Virtual Personal Assistantwho is already trained in such work can save your training cost, and you can put them on work right away.

Saves Time

This is another reason for small companies to take help from VAs. In business, time is money. For example, if you have a small firm with no HR team. Instead of assigning this work to your regular employees who will end up wasting their time in posting advertisements, payroll, and conducting interviews, you can give this work to someone with relevant experience. Doing so has the following benefits:

  • You will get verified professionals whom you can get in no time.
  • This will save your time as you don’t have to train those professionals.
  • As they will solely work on your assigned task, work will be done quickly as they don’t need to juggle with multiple tasks.

Thus a win-win solution for both the company and Virtual Assistant services provider.