What are the Best Practices for WordPress Website Management

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One can run your websites and blogs on WordPress Platform. The Website is the most amazing platform where you can connect with the audience and generate sales and improve brand awareness of your business website. To fulfil all the requirements regarding WordPress website updating and maintenance one should dedicatedly manage your WordPress website so that it remains up to date, secured and maintained all the time.

The most important aspect is to manage WordPress website, there are key areas to focus on are:

Website Content

To keep your WordPress website updated, we need to publish fresh content regularly. In our hectic schedule, one can forget to publish content regularly on the website. To deal with this problem, one can schedule the blog posts or articles in advance. You can create blogs or articles and save them in drafts in WordPress and schedule them according to your publishing schedule.

Creating, publishing and editing the blogs is not a one man’s task. There should be a helping hand who can write the content/blogs on a regular basis so that your visitors will be satisfied with the regular updates published on your website. Hire a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer writers they can easily help you in this task at cheaper cost

Keep Up-to-Date Website

The key point to run your WordPress websites successfully is to keep them updated. One should keep a keen observation of WordPress website updates. WordPress releases new versions frequently like fix bugs, make security patched and enhance existing features, etc. few minor versions get automatically updated, but major updates need to be done manually. Make sure before updating the website, backup need to be taken.

Regular Backups

Another important part of successful website management is taking regular backups of your website. Every time during website updating process one you should take multiple backups of your website, as you never know, something will go wrong and all your data lost.

There are two ways to update your WordPress website:

  1. Backup through cPanel
  2. Backup through FTP(Manually)

One can take regular backups of the website on daily/weekly/monthly basis depending upon your requirement.

Website Security

Growing online business which directly tends to grow hacking and spamming on the websites.

Protecting your website from malicious attacks one should follow these tricks like:

  1. Download WordPress themes and plugins from trusted sources
  2. Avoid use of default usernames for WordPress admin
  3. Use strong passwords
  4. Install SSL certificate

It is essential to check your website on a regular basis, so that you will notice whether your website is affected by malicious attacks. To check website security, one can use plugins and tools.

Website Speed Performance

Website speed is a crucial part of the successful online business. Online visitors are very impatient. Once visitors land on your website and your website takes time to load they will immediately exit and search for new competitors. So, try to take appropriate actions to ramp up website speed. Even Google penalizes to the websites who have the slow speed to load.

Tips to improve the Loading speed of the website:

  1. Choose best web hosting service provider
  2. Optimize WordPress database
  3. Optimize CCS and JavaScript’s files on your website
  4. Use WordPress caching plugin

Higher the loading speed of your website more will be the visitors and will deliver superior user experience. This will lead to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Follow the above steps to manage your WordPress website, but to manage it effectively it is quite difficult to be done by one single person. So, one should hire a WordPress Virtual Assistant who can efficiently manage WordPress website at the affordable cost.