How can a Shopify virtual assistant ease your online business?

Shopify Virtual Assistant

Shopify has revolutionized e-commerce to an extent that an increasing number of marketers are now turning towards Shopify. Despite being easy in setting up and running, a Shopify store also demands time investment for higher profits. This is where the role of virtual assistants (VA) comes in. Most of the Shopify store owners require assistance for running their business. Virtual assistants being cheaper than traditional in house assistants, they are often the first choice for getting assistance for Shopify store. Marketers trust shopify Virtual Assistant because of the celebrated fact that they are highly efficient in performing different tasks for their clients.

What are the exact tasks Shopify Virtual Assistants do for you?

Following are the tasks that a virtual assistant can help you out with for your Shopify store:

  1. Product research and inventory management

    A VA can actively perform product research for you based on your niche and your suggestions–product audit. He can list out products form the vendor sites like Alibaba or Aliexpress and list them for you so that you can easily choose out of them in order to make good profits. He also plans about the tags that the product will be attributed with when they are placed on your Shopify store. This step also includes figuring out the competition of the product and whether the product is worth placing on the store taking into account the possible profit in the revenue- product inventory management.

  2. Designing and customizing your store

    Shopify being an e-commerce platform you get already designed themes/templates for your store. Many times the theme and basic design of your Shopify store need to be modified or improved for better user experience. Your VA can keep your store attractive and appealing by constantly improving and modifying the design and user interface of your store.

  3. Adding products to your store

    After the products are sorted out by performing product audit, placing them on your store is the next step. VA can upload them on your store along with its images, a well written description copy, appropriate tags, and display titles for the products. Using proper tags for the products is very critical part of Shopify display since they are the true attributes that Shopify addresses when customers search for products. With your Shopify virtual assistant everything is at ease!

  4. Vendor management and order management

    Shopify uses drop shipping as a model for retail fulfilment. When an order is placed from your Shopify store the VA can forward the order to your vendor and look up on all the things from getting the product shipped to the tracking of the product until it reaches your customer. Order management is the main thing to be looked into in Shopify business because the products must reach the customers within promised deadline.

  5. Customer management/support

    A small number of products are returned by the customers and refund of the price is permissible. In that cause, communicating with the customer is absolutely necessary. Shopify virtual assistant makes this easy for you by communicating with the customers over email or Facebook. He can arrange the return of the products and refunds of the price the customer has paid. Since keeping the customer away from any headache is a must in every business, this task is handled very efficiently by VAs, so that even you remain stress free.

  6. Social Media Marketing (SMM) for your Shopify store

    Your store is your virtual marketplace and like every other online store it needs social media presence so that you get eyeballs from potential consumer who are present on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Social media branding is the best way to publicize your store and a Shopify virtual assistant is no less efficient in doing that as well! This job includes creating images and documents and submitting them on social media and bookmarking sites.

Bottom line

On the serious note- it is very difficult for one person that is “you” to manage your entire Shopify store for everything. There are many different tasks that are important but time consuming and unless you deploy enough time to carry out everything by yourself it can be very difficult for you to achieve the desired success. Getting a Shopify virtual assistant can make the difference for you today!