How can a WordPress Virtual Assistant make website management easy for you?

WordPress Virtual Assistant

There has been a great deal of discussion on whether to hire a virtual assistant or not. If a webmaster thinks of his own productivity, the tasks like managing and maintaining WordPress websites do not really make him a webmaster. There is no thought bias in that because we are providers of WordPress Virtual Assistant services. Webmasters have sought for assistance that promises benefit by investing time and money. They understand how difficult it is to sustain in this competitive online world. For that reason, they need to pour more cash and more time for increasing their productivity with quality in-house assistants. But, it appears that WordPress virtual assistant (VA) outperforms their expectations in less time and money. That ultimately leads to improvements in their efforts to sustain and rise high in their online businesses.

WordPress virtual assistant


Below given are the advantages of hiring a WordPress virtual assistant:

1. An efficient virtual helper:

The first thing is that VAs do not need a place to work. They can be anywhere across the globe and have a place where they work. They work for you online utilizing their software and their equipment. Over that, they are the skilled professionals in their respective fields. With some research, you can find a good virtual assistant.

2. WordPress content management:

You can manage your WordPress websites and blogs very efficiently with a VA. If you are a blogger or an entrepreneur who has big websites that produce tons of content, your VA can perform scheduled postings and regular optimization of the posted content.

3. WordPress Design and customization:

A WordPress VA can also modify the theme and the plugins of your website. Since every WordPress website needs some optimization, you can readily get that done from time to time. Also, websites need changes in the user interface from time to time. They are done in the CSS files of your website template. This is necessarily done by web designers but a WordPress VA can do it for you.

4. Updates and troubleshooting:

Your VA can help you get out of WordPress troubles fast. Many time websites can go down because of plugins or front-end developmental problems. Secondly, the VA can also keep the back up of your website because it is necessary to save the website in case of hazards. She can keep in touch with your hosting provider for issues related to the hosting or server back end of your website. Since you cannot afford downtime, in any case, a VA can help prevent it by managing your WordPress website. In fact, this is the dire necessity of online entrepreneurs.

5. Comments, pings, and emails:

The most painstaking task in WordPress queries is that you have to deal with the comments and the queries that you get under blog posts and also in the emails. Many webmasters get tired because of the ongoing spam in the comments on popular blog posts. A WordPress VA can manage WordPress comments and pings on your behalf.

6. Page customization:

If you own business websites and corresponding blogs you regularly need to write blog posts and pages.  You may need different designs of the content-rich pages for a varied presentation of the content. They are the custom changes in new or existing pages, like different sidebars, different content in the sidebars, custom menus of products or services, placement of ads, and navigation settings. Despite being easy it is time-consuming and you might want to free that time to create content for your website. It can better be handled to a capable VA.

7. WordPress SEO:

SEO is an important part of any blog or website. SEO is easy in WordPress. Only that it demands time. That is because SEO has to be done on each and every page so that it gets crawled and indexed by the major search engines. Over that, it is important to understand that SEO is not a onetime deal. You need to update pages and improve SEO regularly in response to the advancements and new trends in business space. You can outsource WordPress SEO to a competent WordPress Virtual Assistant who can do SEO for your websites and blogs.

Today’s takeaway:

WordPress has made maintaining websites very easy but it can be time-consuming if you are running a business website or a media site. In that case, 80% of your work come under maintenance tasks versus 20% which is actually creating content, products, and services. You, being a marketer may not want to waste your precious time and money on maintaining websites. Outsourcing website maintenance to a WordPress virtual assistant can save you time and money that you can pour into core business development.