The significance of an E-commerce Virtual Assistant in your business ventures

Virtual assistant

Do you daydream that there are some robots who are your helpers and they are reducing your hectic efforts you are pouring into your e-commerce business? Running every aspect of your e-commerce like- marketing, advertising, managing social media, fulfilling needs, shipping, customer service and everything that gives you a headache. Nevertheless doing it all yourself is not feasible, it is not even logical to dive into a hot soup and make out things happen in inappropriate proportions. Thankfully, technology is here to get that problem solved: Virtual Assistant.

Let’s be clear up front: Virtual assistants are NOT robots. At least, not yet. They are humans like you and they’re there to help ease your day-to-day burdens. They can’t bring you that latte or pick-up your dry cleaning but they CAN help you with the important and sometimes tedious aspects of your business as you want a good traction in every aspect of your e-commerce. Since you cannot compromise on your business efforts and quality work they are there to assist you in many of the business strategies and tasks.

E-commerce Virtual Assistant (VA) is your right hand if you are an owner of even several small businesses like online Amazon, eBay or Shopify retail stores. You are in complete confidence that you can take on any project even if you don’t know how to execute things because your VA will figure it out or help you find somebody who can do that for you.

In today’s speedy corporate environment with strict deadlines, VAs have helped people build and work on WordPress websites, create brochures, design logos, create book covers, and a variety of technical jobs. They are paid per project or per hour. The main thing is that they are available to you whenever a problem poses in front of you. It is a problem-solving machine is available at your fingertips.

The only mission they carry is to serve your requirements and make your job easy. No matter what problem you fall in at any hour, they already have the solution. All you need to do is just send a mail or best of all- give a phone call.

The only mission they carry is to serve your requirements and make your job easy. No matter what problem you fall in at any hour, they already have the solution. All you need to do is just send a mail or best of all- give a phone call.

What Virtual Assistant Can Do for you:

VAs can do a variety of essential tasks. Take a look and see if you need any of these:

Customer service. A good VA can help field your customers’ communications and assist them with any problems or concerns they have promptly and professionally.

Inventory processing and order management. VAs can help you manage stock levels, process and send order invoices, compile your orders, work with your suppliers, and bill your vendors.

Technology: A VA can be your IT person and Webmaster, and can also handle search engine optimization, social media marketing and blogging.

Bookkeeping. A Virtual Assistant with the right training can manage your books. Photos and Video. A VA can find or create and edit photos and video for your website or marketing efforts.

How to Get the Most Out of the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Relationship

When you decide to get an e-commerce virtual assistant, it is important to make sure that you have quite clearly listed the exact tasks you want the assistant to do for you, and precisely what you expect from them.

Some business owners have even created Operations Manuals which have the details of the process for each task so that there are no difficulties and tasks are completed to your standards at the deadline. Using tools like Dropbox or Evernote for communication or as a repository of information also helps a lot. Your VA can also provide you details of tasks they execute for you.

As with every relationship, it may take time to get in sync with each other. It depends on the working styles of both of you. Be polite and gracious during the process, as you would in any business dealing.

Crucial point: As the entire relationship is a virtual one, find a VA that easily understands your directions and specific interests. The benefit you will get from his proficiency in his job depends upon you as well. You absolutely need someone who ‘gets’ you. Look at what the person has done before, ask for referrals and check the VA out online.”
Ready to Get a VA?

E-commerce Virtual Assistants will free up your time by taking many of your burdens on their head. You’ll be able to focus more on growing your business, get leisure time and do the activities you love.

We at eLuminous technologies provide you e-commerce virtual assistant services– what you need to free up your time from redundant and non-core business tasks and invest it into planning and executing business promotion strategies. Out virtual assistants are helping hundreds of e-commerce businesses grow. We will be glad to help you grow your business as well.

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