Will Virtual Assistant Services Ever Rule the World

Technology has been changing at a fast pace, and our living and working style is not an exception. So, there is no wonder if your workplace has adopted some innovative ideas to get the things done. As per the research done, 20% of work-related stress happens because of disturbance in employees’ work-life balance. And this has compelled executives to adopt some solutions for enjoying a better work-life balance. Here comes Virtual Assistance (VA) in the picture. A virtual assistant is a contractor who supports from outside by providing his or her administrative services. Such persons operate from home but have access to some of the essential documents remotely. Outsourcing Virtual Assistant services is a smart choice to amplify the company’s productivity.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant

Executives of large companies have an entire team to handle, which work together to manage productivity. However, small and mid-size companies don’t have enough budget to hire an in-house virtual assistant. Till now, executives were taking help from technology hacks to boost their productivity, but no more now! The virtual assistant’s emergence will give them a dedicated, skilled, and trained employee who can work remotely for them. The main benefit of outsourcing VA is that you don’t have to hire a permanent employee whom you need to pay monthly. 

Virtual Assistant vs. Physical Assistant

Outsourcing Virtual assistant is a smart choice as they are paid on an hourly basis and are efficient to fuel up your productivity. Let’s take a deep dive on some more aspects of VA benefits:

Hiring resources is a tedious task: For hiring skilled talent, the first step is to run recruitment ads, conduct tests, and shortlist a few candidates. Once done, executives are supposed to interview each candidate and pick the desired one by offering him or her a handsome salary. Hiring a VA is a low-cost deal. Check out the ads, choose the right skilled person with cost-effective contract rates.

Onboarding and Training: Once hired, the company is supposed to invest in the resources to train him on role requirements, ethics, and work culture. You can skip this step with VAs. Hire them, and you can expect them to work right from the next day without making them familiar with the company’s work culture.

Payment for unproductive days: Company is supposed to pay employees even on non-productive days, which includes sick leaves, vacations, and maternity leaves. VAs are paid on an hourly basis. Hence no payment will be given to them in case of no work.

Insurance and other aspects: Employees are supposed to give other benefits apart from regular income. Companies often provide them health insurance. VAs never expect such benefits from their clients.

VAs will never eat your funds.

Today, social media and commercial platforms have given a new direction to companies as they have started adopting online work. With the emergence of online assistance work, technologies have given better software and programs for improving the work efficiency of outsourced resources. Such technologies include CRM, cloud-based software, virtual conference rooms, and so on.

The primary reason for companies going ahead with VAs is to cut down costs. Hiring a virtual employee is a pocket-friendly deal as companies will save on infrastructure cost and operational cost. It is expected that companies relying more on VAs save around 40% on business expenses. And yes, they can invest saved amount on business analysis, safety, and other infrastructure-related upgrades.

Few profiles in which VAs are a perfect match

Digital Marketing: Content creation and digital marketing help companies build their brand and drive the sale. However, this may eat up much of your time. Thus, you can outsource Virtual Assistant who can advertise on your behalf and write sales-oriented content for your company. The professional can also update regular blogs on your website for better ranking.

Every company has its mailing list to engage the target audience for business development. These guys can perform all these activities by using artificial intelligence and machine learning and can deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Customer support: It is believed that virtual assistants can only acknowledge call through emails and texts. But this is not true. These professionals can easily handle the redundant work of customer service for making your customers happy and satisfied. Outsourcing customer service allows organizations to assign some other core jobs to their employees and free them up from customer service work.

Few minutes take away. All most all the companies, especially mid-size and small ones, need VAs at a certain point as they are unable to hire resources for the same. These VAs are on-demand resources which one should try. You can hire them for specific areas and see how they can be beneficial for your firm. Improve productivity and accelerate growth with these virtual employees.