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About eLuminous Virtual Assistant

At eLuminous VA, we believe in transforming challenges into opportunities. With a passion for excellence, we’ve been assisting businesses since 2002. Our team’s dedication to innovation and client satisfaction drives our success. Let us be the cornerstone of your business growth journey.

About eLuminous Virtual Assistant

Hiring our Virtual Assistant saves recruitment/training cost & efforts

We provide skilled virtual assistants tailored to your needs.

Smooth Onboarding, Immediate Activation

Instant access to expertise means instant results for your business.

Backup Virtual Team Ensuring Seamless Assistance

With our backup virtual assistants, support is seamless, any time, every time.

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Administrative Assistant

Sales Assistant

Social Media Assistant

Digital Marketing Assistant

Customer Service

Graphic Designing Assistant

Book Keeping Assistant

Real Estate VA

Virtual Personal Assistant

Unveiling Your 4-Step Blueprint!
Understanding the requirement

In-depth study of the objective and recommendations for the solutions that best suit your business goal.   

Candidate screening

We shortlist highly skilled, detail-oriented candidates, best matching your requirements. You can peruse the profiles of the candidates which will include experience, proficiencies & relevance.

Candidate Interview

After selecting suitable candidates, we will set up an on-call interview. No extra charges will be incurred.

Start delegating

Once the assistant is selected we will track their work in real-time and share a consolidated report regularly for your reference.

Discover Our Service Offerings

We’ve been working with eLuminous for nearly 1 year. The VA’s that we have been working with have been excellent; they’ve been very supportive and provide excellent support and advice. They always come back with solutions rather than problems. We really feel that they care about our eCommerce business and treat it as if it were their own. We would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs eCommerce VA services.

– Nemash Patel,
Owner, FC Supplies UK

eLuminous team has went above and beyond in meeting my expectations. Being a fitness coach, I get very little time to deal with administrative and branding front of my business and hence it was a major roadblock in my success. eLuminous has helped me out and today I can easily focus on my main duties. Thanks to team eLuminous…

– Brett Campbell,
Fitness Coach, Australia

I have been using eLuminous for a while now and am very happy with the speed and knowledge levels. All tasks are completed quickly and thoroughly. I look forward to a long relationship. Thanks so much!

– Sabrina Watson,
Owner of Mellow Monkey Media, USA

I’ve been working with one particular VA from eLuminous now for about 3 weeks and he’s been very helpful. I’m based in Australia so I was concerned about communication, but the VA I’m working with has excellent English and communication has been a breeze. The thing that stood out when I was interviewing VAs was the structures and systems or that they could recommend we put in place to support the effective use of their time.

– Nik Johnson

I have been using eLuminous for about 6 years now and they always exceed my expectations. I have never had any problems outsourcing work to them and as far as I’m concerned they are the best company I have ever done business with. They have great attention to detail and very hard working. Their customer service is superb and the staff are a pleasure to work with. The best thing is, through their help I have added hugh profits to my bottomline.They are my secret weapon!

– Paul Smith

Why are Virtual Assistants more necessary than in-person assistants?


Data security assurance

Unlock productivity

Back-up VAs available

24/7 operation


Who are eLumnious Customers?
Our customers include large enterprises, small and midsize enterprises, startups and NGOs.
Is it possible for a Virtual Assistant to work in different time zones? As my work is based out of US & UK.
Yes! It is possible to perform your work in different time zones by our virtual assistant.
What happens if the dedicated VAs are unable to work?
At eLumnious, we offer a backup service of the assistant. If the dedicated assistant is unable to work due to unavoidable circumstances or is on leave. Then we will immediately provide his/her replacement/backup who will be equally qualified & trained and will ensure quality outcomes.
How eLumnious VA is different from other VA service provider in the industry?
The differentiating factors of eLumnious VA are- You can enjoy 40 hour free trial of the service, real-time tracking of VAs, no training charges, access to a pool of experts, customized hiring process and undisrupted service.
Is my company data safe?
Yes, we always ensure that our client’s data is 100% secure and safe with us. We also practice ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance

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